Dear All,
Happiness is not possible if people are not gainfully employed or unable to provide suitable and sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families. Hence, employment is conducive to happiness and prosperity of people therefore it becomes more as a responsibility than a mandate, to practice Gross National Happiness practically. As our philosophy believes that efficient and effective training is an investment leading to quality life, human capital is the best long term capital worth investing to bring about dynamic development and economical gain. Therefore, innovation is the key for our organization to succeed & fly higher with developing and conducting the training which has value to build up the social capital of the people in the respective professional fields.
In pursuit of the national goal in providing gainful employment to all, the modular form of training packages of KUNJUNG ITIan provides flexibility of entry and exit out of the training program. The trainees can graduate after completing every module or after every national level certification. It remains our humble endeavor to provide any training assistance to job seekers. For optimal capitalization of opportunity, we advise job seeker to keep in close contact with us, attend training. Be attentive to advertisement and announcements in the various media and most importantly, proactively and diligently explore on your own.
As the new person at the wheel, I am conscious of the responsibility placed on me as CEO of this esteemed organization. I look forward to this year with great favor, greatly aware of the responsibility that comes with this position, but also humbled by the people who have taken this organization to such great heights. I come on board with high expectations of exciting times ahead, even with the challenges of changes that can only promise to take this organization to new levels.
Uttam Lama
Chief Executive Officer
Kun-Jung Institute of Technology and Innovation.